Why yes, I can spell: Welcome to Folklaur!

June 19, 2017


Don’t fret. The words typed above this post are in fact intentional – not a typo! But for fun, I thought I’d throw in the original word here as well…






the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth. (webster)



For centuries, cultures have flourished and thrived because of folklore. It is through mere word of mouth that social norms and stories have been continued from one generation to another. But, along the way individuals met the internet, and slowly but surely we’ve become consumed. I myself will be the first to admit, I have an addiction, (as seen in social media accounts linked to this very post!) But why not use this to our advantage? With that in mind, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to Folklaur – a blog written by me, with the intention of sharing stories inspired by my community.


So, let me introduce myself! My name is Lauren, and I’m a Chicago suburbs girl now living in Fort Worth, Texas, for school! I currently attend Texas Christian University where I’m pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Theatre. Getting an Acting degree in Fort Worth is absolutely wonderful, not only for the theatre opportunities, but the culture of the fastest growing city in the United States, (you really have to see it, to believe it.) As places keep popping up in the DFW area, it gives me absolute joy to see that this community is being filled with independent shops, services, and restaurants. Which thanks to Folklaur - I can now also share with you!



My other interests, aside from eating delicious food and being involved in the theatre realm, include fashion. I will also admit; I was that child who could be found in my mother’s closet, trying on shoes that were far too large for my feet. However, I can happily say that those fond memories have brought me to work for Madewell by J.Crew, inspiring my love for style and design everyday.


Beyond work and school, you could probably find this girl gawking at art in museums, decorating future apartments and abodes, and planning future travel excursions. As these passions consume majority of my free time, I figure there’s no time like the present to finally start blogging about them. With that, it is my intention to produce a positive, collaborative, and creative blog that introduces you to ideas, people, and places that inspire me daily. I cannot express how ecstatic I am to begin this adventure in blogging, which brings me to my third admission in this post; you should know I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing here. However, I am incredibly thrilled to see where it takes me and hope you’ll join me along the way!

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